Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fried Turkey?

So, apparently, here in the south, people actually deep fry turkeys for thanksgiving. This results in a lot of accidental fires. Be careful redneck people, and don't hurt yourselves! This is a time for thanks and giving... not turkey burns. Mom's been making Swedish Rye Bread all day, and it's soooo good. I love Mom's homemade bread. Tommorrow, I'm going over to a friend's house to make pie all day. It'll be pie day.

I love trampolines. They are fun stuff. Hazardous to your health, but fun stuff none the less. My little nephews have started jumping from the porch to the trampoline. It's pretty cool because they can both do it. They need Me or Big Brother to lift them to the railing so they can jump, but other than that, they're pretty cool little kids. The smaller one is two and a half, and the older one is four.

Square roots are equations I love. I love looking at that stuff. The one where you find the a, b, and c and then plug them into that equation that looks like a fraction and the denominator is 2a? Love that stuff.

I wish I could play the piano better.

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