Monday, November 12, 2007

What a load of... work.

So today on our mailbox, there was a handout from some pharmaceutical research clinic that was warning us about COPD. It stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

I would scan the whole thing and set up a link, but my scanner is on the fritz. I can, however, tell you that the little handouts had a link on the paper to (On the paper, it says .org, but that's wrong.)

It tells about COPD and the symptoms and how it can be treated and then they invite you on the bottom of the handout to "refreshments wednesday" where they will hand out "free educations materials" and give "free breathing tests" and you can also meet their staff!

Wow, how helpful of them to give everyone another "restless leg syndrome" to chase after. How thoughtful of them to help out all of those paranoid people looking for an excuse to go to the doctor and get yet another checkup, whilst wasting countless hours of time. Way to go pharmaceutical researchers for helping to increase the daily flood of patients to the ED and free clinics all over the country. Geez... people hear about something on tv or in a mass handout and they panic because it sounds slightly like something they felt one time when they were five. Come on, give us a break. Do everyone a favor and stop doing us favors.

Oh, and also in the handout, it states that today is "World COPD Day 2007"

Happy COPD day...

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