Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Around thanksgiving and christmas... everything on tv and in the stores tend to be about one thing:
1. Romance- apparently, christmas is a very romantic holiday.. I had no clue. I guess it's second in line to valentines day in the "romantic holiday" list. All sorts of chick fliks are shown, and christmas cards and songs seem to revolve around wooing someone. All the tv stations rush to get out their own romantic christmas lovey-dovey story in time for the holidays.

2. Magic- Christmas just wouldn't be a holiday without Christmas magic! Why do they show Harry Potter movies around this time? No, not because Santa is in it. He's not.. I think. He's in that other one with all the kids and the magic... but anyway. Most of the movies about Christmas are about Christmas Miracles! They could be miracles that make people fall in love, or they could be miracles that help kids to strengthen their beleif in santa or frosty or rudolph.

So, this holiday season, tally up however many things you see (either on tv or in a store) that has something to do with either one of these two topics. Two points for every one you see that has both put together! I already have 3 points since I started this post! Try to catch up, I'm sure you can. This stuff is everywhere.

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