Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just in case anyone actually decides to read this...

I put a disclaimer on the page just in case anyone decides to read this blog, and especially just in case anyone tries to take it seriously. It basically says that I'm not a doctor or a med student, so don't think I am and don't read my posts as if I were. Just trying to cover my bottom when it comes to things like that.

On a different note, I wish I had pajama pants that made it look like my legs were smarties candy. They come in rolls, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch to put the image on some pant legs. Also, tootsie roll pj pants would be wonderful. Then I'd have "smartie pants" and "chocolate pants". Pun completely intended with that first one.

Also, my PDR book is coming in the mail today... although the book is so big, I don't think it'll fit in the mail box... it really is a huge book. In fact, one of the reasons I ordered it is because it's so big and it'd be like christmas with such a big package.

Anyway, the disclaimer is on the bottom and I put up labels on the side so that anyone can sort through my posts by description.

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Martin LaBar said...

I confess. I read it. I discovered your blog through a Google alert to "Southern Wesleyan University" -- a later post referred to a time when you stayed in a dorm there. I taught there for several years.

God's best on the pajamas, and on your life.