Monday, January 28, 2008

Money well spent

So, I went out the other day and bought two more pairs of those slippers I got the other day at Target. They were only $2.49 !! So now I have backup pairs.

Now onto the topic of school. I had my first test of the semester this morning. Medical Terminology. I love that class, but really, there is soo much to learn! I think I did pretty well on the test. I still need to train myself to take my time during these tests and then go back over them. I finished as fast as humanly possible (finished first!! take that, you homework doing overacheivers!!) and then left. There were over 100 questions on it, but luckily, not alot of them were things I didn't already know from paying attention in class. Homework was supposed to be due today, but luckily, it slipped her mind, so I have one more day to finish up. I feel like I'm back in elementary school with all these vocabulary words.

I now know the four main parts to a physical examination.
1. Inspection- where you use your eyes to check for abnormalities and such.
2. Palpation- Where you feel with your fingers for abnormalities or disfigurements.
3. Ascultation- USING YOUR STETHESCOPE!!!!!! That's my favorite part, cuz I have a stethescope to practice with ;).
4. Percussion- Using your stethescope to listen as you tap on your hand to try to hear anything weird like tumors or mysterious masses.

Of course, a physical examination is only performed after you take a patient's history.

On a more "my house is soo weird" note:
My mom just called from the basement and wanted me to bring down my "muffles"
I went down there to tell her that I had no clue where to find "muffles" even if I did know what they were. She was holding something heavy, so I was like "Oh, you said Muscles??" hahaha. I told her I'd blog about it. "About how your mom needed your muffles?" "yes mom, I'm going to blog about how you needed my muffles."

oh, and jenna, my flip flops are orange. So my blue toes will be accentuated. I think they're opposite on the color wheel or something, so they look way cooler together. hahaha (I now only wear my flip flops when I have on a blue shirt)

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Scott & Jenna said...

Mary, you are right! Orange is the complementary color to blue. For your new shoes, if you got red-orange & yellow-orange, you'd have a split complementary color scheme. But I digress!!! ;)

Glad you could lend your mom some muffles! And pass your exam. Get to work on that homework girl! (This from Sister Procrastination.)