Monday, January 14, 2008

oh my goodness-gracious

I gave blood on Saturday as a part of my little brother's Eagle Scout Project. He had the Blood Connection come and do a blood drive up at the church. I had to fill out that form and then answer all of those awkward questions they ask you as fast as they can. After that was the routine mini-physical where they prick your finger and test your blood for stuff and use the blood pressure cuff to make sure your healthy.

The problem comes when searching for a vein. Apparently, no matter how much three nurses dig one needle into my arm, they can't find one. There was digging and poking and all that for about a cup of blood. when they finally decided that we were not going to get enough any time this century, we decided to search for a vein in my other arm.

I'll let you know something. I hate needles. I hate giving blood. I do it anyway. So, when I'm patient enough that I'll sit through being poked a half of a dozen times, I know it's for a good cause. They kept asking me whether I was okay or not, and I was kept telling them "just do what you need to do, don't worry about the gruesome faces I'm making or the things I'm yelling, really."

So now, I have two huge bruises on my arms. One on each. Anyway, they finally got the right vein in my left arm, so that bruise is alot smaller. They had to use the blood pressure cuff to find it. Weirdly enough, the vein is on the outside of my arm almost. The most lateral part of my elbow.

Today, we had 8 children over. The Nephews, always present, had some friends over. A family with four boys, in fact, and the child that we usually watch while the older nephew is at school, brought his brother because today was a "school's out" day for some reason. I still had class, but the county schools didn't.

I almost died from the frustration.

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