Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh really?

So, apparently, celebrities blog as well. Who knew? I'd have thought they'd have other things to do with their time. Like making movies or being famous or starting families as some are doing.

I think it's funny how so many people care what celebrities do. I mean, why do you care about what Britney Spears does with her hair? It's not like she asked your opinion in the first place, so why give it?

Who cares if you don't like a certain celebrity (for what reasons I'm sure I don't know, why dislike someone you've never met?) I'm pretty sure they're not awake at night wondering how to make you happier with their performance.

I was checking out some of these celebrity blogs and apparently, Jeff Bridges is not Jeff Daniels. How dumb do I feel (totally rhetorical question)? Also, off the celeb blogging topic for a moment, Patrick Swayze and Kurt Russel get me mixed up as well. I can't tell the difference. I don't know why.

I digress. Some celebrities actually do have pretty funny things to say. I'm not going to give you links to celeb. blogs, you should go find them yourself. I'm not going to go put them on my blogroll. Only medblogs go there. But for all of you celebrity chasers out there, this is something you don't wanna ignore.

On a school note, I learned about tissues last night in A&P class. Apparently, the Transitional Epithelium can be found in the bladder. I can now point out a basement membrane in any tissue slide. I'm a tissue expert. Well, kind of. At least I'm able to name the body cavities, organs, cavity membranes, and the types of epithelial tissue, and shapes and also the types of connective tissue.

We were given about 15 minutes or so at the end of class to study, so a lady I didn't know and I sat down with the body boards and went through the organs and body cavities. I had to help her out a little, because she wasn't really that good at knowing the parts of the small intestine. (the duodenum, the jejunum, and the ileum) She's getting distal and proximal confused as well. Also, the trachea and the esophagus.

After a while, when I was sure she had gotten it, I left class and headed to Arby's for a bite to eat. I don't like Arby's. But I didn't know until I tried it, so there we go.

Luckily, I pass about a dozen different restaurants and fast food places on the way home, so I'll have plenty of choices to narrow down into some place to go and study regularly after class. Maybe I can find some place that'll let me sit down and hang out. I know, that in starbucks or some place like that, you can be a squatter all you want, but I don't drink coffee. I guess starbucks serves hot chocolate. Do they serve sandwitches as well? I need some place quiet to study after class and go over the stuff I learned all by myself. Any suggestions?

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Scott & Jenna said...

Barnes & Noble! They have drinks & sandwiches & welcome sitting for long periods of time reading.

I love your blog! Very funny & definitely Mary!