Thursday, January 10, 2008

Words have new Meanings!

Well, okay, maybe they're just new words, but I'm learning what they mean whilst doing my Medical Terminology Homework! Yay for me doing homework! I got the book yesterday right before class, and also picked up the Anatomy and Physiology books. There were tons of those. Anyway, still don't have math book or biology book, so I'll be at a loss today in class, but at least I can meticulously take notes and pay attention. Maybe whatsisface guy that's been flirting will sit next to me and offer to let me look at his book with him. He'd be useful then.

Maybe that's a little mean. He's talkative. He couldn't stop staring in class on Tuesday. He said he wanted to be a doctor, but was that just me mishearing him, or was he f'real? I thought had said he'd be a Russian and German Language Major. Maybe he's heard that you don't have to stick to Biology majors to get into med school. He also wants to transfer to the same university as I do. So he's interesting, but not. . . I dunno. I'll think about it later.

On a different note. . .


It was the Colorado Avalanches vs. the Detroit Red Wings.

My team won by 1 point, but we made, like, 14-15 saves. Which is amazing. Our goalie rocks.

Next game is tonight at 7:30. I'll be in A&P class then. I'll have to have someone tape it. It's against the Minnesota Wild, so Mom'll probably cheer for the other team if I watch it with her. She's a Minnesotan. She says that she's never heard of them. But I dunno. Anyway, I hope we win this one, even though I won't get to watch. I hope they continue their shut-out streak.

Also, can't wait for A&P class today. I'm excited. It's way awesome.

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