Friday, January 11, 2008

Take off, eh!

What I love about watching disney movies and kid shows is that there are jokes for grown ups in there. Jokes that I'm starting to get more and more. For example, the moose in Brother Bear. They were voiced by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. Their characters are one of those inside jokes. Those moose were there for the grown ups. I'm sure of it. Because those two actors used to do a sketch show called The Great White North. Check it out here. Look it up on wikipedia or something. It's pretty funny stuff. I only recently came across it while looking for something else entirely.

Anyway, I woke up to the smell of crap this morning. My little brother's dog had an accident in his crate (which is in the basement.) So now the whole basement smells like dog poo ( including my formerly nice smelling room) and I'm mad. I didn't like the dog in the first place. Honestly, my family has never been one to take care of dogs. We just take him out every day and put him in the backyard on his dog run with his food and water where he can reach it, and put him to bed in a crate in the basement at night. That isn't fun for my brother (who is responsible for the dog) and it can't be very much fun for the dog! Do us both a favor and take the dog somewhere it'll be happy. We could find a farm or something to take it to. I dunno. As long as I never have to see it again. I hate that dog.

My poor room no longer smells like apples and pears.

I actually did my medical terminology homework. I need to study for A+P so that I'll be able to tell which membranes surround which body cavity. I'm working on the same things in both A+P class and Med.-Term. class. So I'm ahead of the game when I go into them. For example, MT class would cover a - b. then, the next day, A+P covers b - c and so forth, so I'm now able to answer questions therefore re-inforcing my education.

On a different note altogether. . . my team lost. Dumb ol' Minnesota scraped by with only one more goal than us. The score was 6-5. The Red Wings scored 2 goals in the first period, and the Wild scored 3. Second period, the Red Wings scored 2 goals and the Wild scored one. That's a tie score right there. With 1 min. 8 sec. left in the thrid period, the Red Wings scored another goal, putting them in the lead, but just a few seconds after that, so did the Wild, and it was a 5-5 tie. Overtime didn't bring any goals, but the Wild pulled ahead and won it in the shootout.

For a full report, go here.

The next game is on the 15th against the Atlanta Thrashers. I've seen Atlanta play, and I don't think I need to worry about the Red Wings.

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