Friday, December 28, 2007

Best Med School Ever?

I was rounding on my usual blogs, when I noticed that UT Southwestern was called (by someone who went there, of course) the Best Med School Ever. I don't know which one is actually The BMS.

I mean, I'm sure alot of people will agree with whatever list is out there of the top 50. University of Washington is top in Primary Care according to U.S.News and World Report.

Harvard is the best for Research, apparently. But which one really is The BMS? I mean, in the House of God, BMS was probably HMS, but that's only because Shem graduated from there. And on that note, who really knows how to judge whether a medical school is the best or not? I mean, is it just opinion, or is there really a way to determine which one is the best one to graduate from? Which one looks best on a resume? Which one will get you a good residency, a good fellowship, and a good position in a good hospital? I mean, there has to be one that looks better on resumes than all the rest!

I honestly do wonder which one it is...

And on that note, there has to be a college that looks better on Med School applications than all of the other ones! I mean, if I could just get a list of which one is the best of everything, that'd be nice.

I wonder which one is the best in South Carolina?

I mean, I heard that USC was the best. But that's only from those who aren't Tigers from birth.

I hate that stupid college rivalry thing. It gets on my nerves. I have little kids running around and murmering about "lamecocks" or old people who yell about who won the Clemson VS USC game. It's kind of annoying. Really. I can't stand it.

Anyway, I've been wearing my Stethescope nonstop since christmas. I don't take it out or anything like to the post office, because I would hate to have to explain myself to someone who is having a heartattack.

Me: "Oh, me? I'm not a doctor!"
"The Stethescope?"
"well you see......"
Try having fun at a new years eve party after that.
The stethescope is under house arrest until Med School. I hope I can find a good one...
After a quick look at grades, I got a C in Sociology, and a D in Public Speaking.
D's don't transfer anywhere.
It stinks.

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The Lone Coyote said...

I think the "Best Medical School" is the one at which you feel the most comfortable and that best fits your personality. Career goals are definitely something to keep in mind, but I honestly think any US medical school can prepare you decently for any specialty. Of course, if you know you want academic medicine or a research career, you might aim for more research-oriented schools or do an MD/PhD. If you want to do rural primary care, you might aim for school that emphasizes that. But people do change their minds, and it is possible to match into a "competitive" specialty from the "primary-care" school, or to go to a rural residency from the "big name, Top 10 research" school. It just may be easier if your school has emphasized those goals from the beginning.