Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy new year's eve. I'm officially addicted to this video:

I commented on it using my youtube account, and someone sent me a message pretending to be one of the band members. I thought it was weird. The message said "I love you bb!!!!!!!!!.adrian"

Adrian Claudiu Sana is the cute one who sings the first verse. I found out on the band's website (which I found on wikipedia). They're a good lookin' bunch of guys, but I mean, that one in the beginning? His voice and everything... just so cute. Maybe it's just because they're Romanian and the accent is hott. But honestly, there is something about that accent that gives me butterflies all over.

I responded to the message by telling them I had no clue who bb was, and that they must have the wrong person. I only realized afterward that it might've been someone trying to be that guy. It could've even been that guy, I'll never know. And I'm too gullible to erase that possibility from my mind.

Went with Big Brother to a New Years thing tonight, but we quickly left. There were too many little kids there. We thought it was something different. Now onto a tournament between my three brothers and I to see who does the dishes tonight. I won't lose. I think one of the little brothers will.

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